Histoire d’A by: Avenue Magazine @ Anne Dakun.

Hi all! Today I am very happy! I’ve been waiting for this moment for several days. At last I can I communicate to you that the new edition of the Avenue Magazine has been published!

One of the reasons why I’ve been posting less is that I’ve been working on some photos for this awesome magazine. The wonderful Miaa Rebane offered me appear in the “blogspot” section, and although I’m pretty busy in RL & SL, I didn’t hesitate, and I started working hard on it.

I tried to make 3 styles of photo, completely different. Those who read my blog regularly you know I change the style very often, so I have tried to show some of them.

As for the style info, you can find in the magazine. Pages where are my pictures: 98 to 103.

And of course, the direct link:

AVENUE Magazine, June 2012

I am very grateful for the great job they did the editors, especially Miaa. Thank you all! And a hug for you Miaa!

If you want to take a look at the pictures below, please, do “click” on them to see the large view. The format of this blog doesn’t allow me to show the photos with these measures well, they appear small.

I hope you like it! xoxo ♥

4 thoughts on “Histoire d’A by: Avenue Magazine @ Anne Dakun.

  1. I am soooo happy for you Anne. You and Miaa are 2 of the most amazing talents in our little fashion world and I am so thrilled for you. These pictures are amazing!!!

  2. Porque eres la mejor aqui se puede ver la calidad de tu trabajo, tu constancia y tu profesionalidad en todo lo que haces, me alegro de este reconocimiento y como siempre tus fotos BRUTALES !!! Te adoro <333

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