Thank you ♥

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Hi all!
I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.
In the last couple of months I’ve been doing a tour through my blog, my Flickr stream, and my inventory, and I’ve noticed that are already more than two years and I’m still here. It seems absurd, but I’m excited. And just seeing old clothes in my inventory reminds me a lot of things.

When you start working on a blog, the effort you make is great. You try to buy all the new releases, to satisfy the first readers and designers. You try to improve day by day the quality of your photos. You try to find your own style. You try to make your blog different from the rest, at least in something. You become crazy trying to make it known. Over time, you get all your goals, and the story changes. You start receiving reviews from designers, and, contrary to what it seems, the work becomes harder. Now you have to please everyone, adapt to what you get, and above all, keep the quality of what you do.

Having a blog in SL is really exciting, is quite a story. For all this, a few days ago I decided to create several outfits remembering old times, merging them with the present times, and so to thank everyone for the support which I have received during this time. In this case I have not added style information, but you know that if you need to know where to find some item or some SLurl, you can leave a comment and I will provide all the information you need.

A big hug to all readers and designers. Thanks for being there for so long! ♥


4 thoughts on “Thank you ♥

  1. Qué mona eres hija, y cuánta razón tienes. Empecé con el blog hace unos meses por que no tenía tiempo para seguir con mi tienda (tú eras una de mis bloggers :P) y por que me gusta tener mi avatar bonito, y me moría de ilusión cuando me llegaban las primeras reviews. Aún estoy aprendiendo y sigo experimentando con las fotillos y los posts, pero es cierto que se va haciendo durillo por que tienes que complacer a más gente.
    Felicidades por tus dos añitos de estupenda bloguera, ratona ❤

    1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario Jani, eres un encanto. La verdad es que nunca se deja de aprender y experimentar, y más en los tiempos que corren, que de repente todo el mundo es blogger, y la cosa se hace mucho más difícil, y se desvaloriza. Y sí, recuerdo tu tienda! Una pena que lo dejaras, se te daba muy bien!!! Un besito preciosa, y de esta semana no pasa que hagamos un post juntas! 😀

  2. Excelente como de costumbre, espero algún día alcanzar un tono nivel que eres uno de los primeros han de crear un blog de moda SL y especialmente para han tentar a otros como yo para crear a. especialmente no dejan sería ingrato a demasiadas personas. 🙂

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