Tribute to the Origin.

Nothing can have as its destination anything other than its origin

English is not my native language, please excuse any shortcomings of writing

Tribute to the Origin (1)

And that’s how I start this wonderful journey through the deepest recesses of Second Life. After so long, we should not become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of the origin of what exists today.
When many of us still did not exist in this world to which we now belong, some great minds were already wandering around here. That’s where it all started. Imagination, creativity and enthusiasm were at the highest point of the history of Second Life.
The number of stores was not as extensive as now, and …What about fashion blogs! That was certainly almost nonexistent.
Perhaps we can even say that going to a store or reading a blog post was done with more excitement.
Although, for those who love fashion here, that illusion never decays. But I know you understand what I mean.
This is a tribute made ​​in honor of all those who, long ago, began this fascinating story, which now thousands of people like me can enjoy.

In the list of people that should appear here were hundreds of names, numerous veteran designers and bloggers. Obviously I was not able to take so many pics, as well as not all of them could accept to participate in this. It is very important to mention this because they are all important, and here I can only show a part of the whole.
I must confess I did a little trick to all participants. I needed to know some information of each of them, so I needed to give them a notecard with some questions for them to answer. But they did not know that until they came to my sky to make the pictures, because I know that this part did not sound fun. Answering questions is boring, so I had to catch them in the act. Everytime someone came, I sent them the notecard slyly, and I laughed so loud. I still laugh when I remember it. Sorry guys! But I’m very grateful, you are the best!

English is not my native language, please excuse any shortcomings of writing

That said, I invite you to walk through our origins. Let’s start our trip!

“The Queen of all Queens”

I have no doubt that whensomeone says “House of Fox” the answer is a “WOW”. And not just “wow”, but a huge “wow”. From my point of view (the only point that I will use throughout this trip), HOF is one of the best examples of progress, quality, taste, innovation, and of staying on top since ever and forever . Those who have had the opportunity to meet the great Fashionboi Landar (or Diva, as his friends call him) had been able to verify that he is a really genuine guy with a great sense of humor. He is designer for about 5 years, and he values ​​creativity as well as the development of unique products for everyone. And he shows us that every day with each new creation. 

“There is beauty in everything, just not everyone sees it”

And yes, you are right dear Azure Electricteeth. But what everyone can see is the beauty and delicacy of each of your creations. Both stores Tee*Fy and LaViere are full of products made with the finest detail, beautiful color palettes and lots of choice. She is a designer since 2010, and certainly, she ranks among the top spots. Some of the original designers of SL are a great inspiration for her, so being part of this project (she says) is a wonderful way to pay tribute to them. You can be sure, dear Azure, that this tribute is also for you, and that many of these designers are also inspired by you.

“Patience, fun, love”

If we take some powder of “vintage”, some others of “retro”, and we mix it with a touch of “alternative”, the result no doubt is… The Secret Store by Maylee Oh. Collections with a fabulous design, attention to detail from the spun until the buttons or decorative elements. This shop and this great designer are improving day by day nonstop since a couple of years. Wide variety of textures and colors in each of the products from which we can choose, all with outstanding quality. Top it off, she is not only a wonderful designer, but also a great artist in issues relating to photography, illustration, 3D, crafts etc. as you can see in “Where’s my pencil?”, her blog.

“The small girl smiles, one eyelid flickers, she pulls a pistol from her knickers”

“Please know that all items featured in this fashion diary are among the most fabulous on the grid. Some you may know, others you may not – but trust they are all Justilicious”. And that’s how she, who is blogging since 2009, presents her blog: Justilicious. I love it. Honest and to the point. She is Justice Topaz. The outfits she makes are so cute, and all of them are marked with her personal style. A photo of Justice is easily distinguishable from afar. I, like others, I am grateful that there are still bloggers who respect the work of others. Bloggers with imagination, style, innovation, ideas. All of this is you: Justice.

“Elegance is a question of personality, more than one’s clothing”

I am sure that no one do NOT know this store. I am so sure! So here is it, and here is her: Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa. Year 2007, Baiastice is born. It is almost 2013. Almost 6 years ago opened its doors and since then Baiastice keeps up. It’s awesome! Sissy is definitely one of the most veterans, a great example to consider. “Sometimes to go ahead you need look back” she said in our short interview. Very true dear! Efficacy, good taste, elegance: all that has a name, and this name is Baiastice. 

“Hi” Oh, say Hi to Jin Elfan! Yeah, it is the turn of Leverocci&Belgravia‘s owner. We all know that there we can find high quality clothing, handmade, no pre-made stuff, and we love that! Nowadays, these features are very valuable. Jin is designing since 2 years ago, and her designs are becoming more upscale. It is great to go shopping and be able to choose among different styles and so many variety of stuff! My hat’s off to Jin for her skills. 

“Be creative, keep it simple, be yourself” 

“Over the years SL has grown and evolved very much. Recognizing and paying tribute to those that have contributed to such growth will help everyone better understand where SL has been, is currently, and is heading”. That is what Nana Minuet said in our short interview, and I loved it because these are some of the reasons why I am doing this. She is blogging for about 3 years, and she is characterized by her delicacy when pick and mix the clothes and accessories. I want to state that she is one of the first bloggers that I follow, ditto regarding Carolina Sautereau. Carol’s Style is one of the blogs in more detail and perfection that I have ever met. I admire her art of layering and of mixing colors. “Always do the things that make you happy” is the quote that Carolina chose. Great advice! Both are a great inspiration for fashionistas of SL, and great support for designers. I thank you personally from here to be part of my team.

Here we have three beauties! “A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it” is the quote chosen by one of them: Irie Campese. Everybody know her eclectic and colorful store, So Many Styles, that was born in 2008. Same name for her blog, which exists since 2009. She thinks that it is a nice idea to honor all the people who helped to build and improve our Second Life experience. It’s a good way to thank all the creators who contributed with their hard work to our community and whose designs and skills made many new designers creative process easier. I agree with you and I must say that you are an amazing designer! “This idea evoke a special kind of nostalgia” said Jocelyn Anatine. “People who don’t drink are afraid of revealing themselves” said Linka Demina. Well, I agree with you two! All this evokes nostalgia, makes us look back and remember many things. And yes, when you drink you always say truths. That might scare someone! LOL! I’m talking about two wonderful people, owners (with Anemysk Karu) of Glow Studio store, known to all, born 4 years ago. Linka is also owner of The Dressing Room, kingdom of shopping where you can find a lot of high quality items with a discounted price, which will be 3 years in April, full of success. We can also enjoy reading A Flash in The Pan, Jocelyn’s blog. As she says “just another caprice of Jocelyn Anatine”. I have had the great opportunity to meet both, and spend wonderful time with them full of laughter and jokes. “Getting back to the roots is something that excites me”, said Jocelyn in the interview. It excites me too! “I was terrorist when I was newbie. I had to make it public. Thank you” were the last words of Linka in the interview. Well dear, thank you very much for letting us know! We will be cautious (I do not think I laughed more reading any other interview). Big hug for you!

Here we have three artists who stand out in everything they do. Let’s start talking about Kallisto Destiny. “Though I am grateful for the blessings of wealth, it hasn’t changed who I am. My feet are still on the ground. I’m just wearing better shoes”. The quote she chose is one of my favorites. Humility is the basis and foundation of all virtues. She is a blogger for about four years, and now we can enjoy her wonderful pictures in Kalli & Hika’s Blog. Some time ago, she opened the doors of Drift, where she lets her imagination run wild as a designer. Annan Adored chose “Sui Generis” . Great quote too dear Annan! She thinks that success depends on many things, and that bloggers deserve to be recognize about their work too. She is blogging since less than 2 years and she has already achieved one of the top positions. Her photos are wonderful and are sealed completely with her style and way of editing, which you can see on her blog Interstyle Fashion. The same applies to Neva Crystall, who has chosen as quote “Lived-In Contemporary”. She said that thanks to new developments and new technologies, there is a breakthrough and a new path, which has opened more doors to veterans designers and those who are just starting. SL never fails to inspire her everyday, the possibilities are truly endless for her. She does not make photos, she makes art. And this can be seen in How Neva Sees It.

“Slowly but surely”

There is no better way of doing things, slowly but surely. This girl is lovely! I am talking about Charming Meiler, owner of one of the cutest stores in SL: (also known as u.f.o.) Lovely colors, lovely design, everything is lovely when you go shopping there! She began to design three years ago, and in recent months her store has become one of my favorites. I also must say that the improvement achieved in a short period of time has been awesome! My sincere congratulations to you, my lovely friend.

“Sometimes the whole thing cracks me up, it’s so absurd”

Eclectic- casual, feminine, urban, vintage, bohemian, alternative, contemporary and timeless. This is League by Nena Janus who is on the grid for 5 years showing us her ability, creativity and variety. She said in our interview that to value designers in some way is part of the drive that keeps them creating here, and she wants to thank all of those who follow her and support what she does. Of course we follow you, a big kiss for you!

And now, the curtain of the stage of goodness, of inner beauty, the sweetness, the poise, opens and… who appears? Tea Xofan. A great example of hardworking, enterprising and versatile woman. “You’ve never heard of the beauty of things like hide?” is her chosen quote. “Tea Time” is her vintage style store, where we can find super cute garments, totally her style, and “RejectedBlog“, her very popular blog, where she mixes a lot of styles, colors, layers, with distinct templates that make her unique. Thank you very much for being part of my SL! You’re adorable my lovely Tea!

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”, beautiful quote chosen by Ayumi Cassini, owner of Magic Nook, who opened her store shortly after joining SL, in 2006. I will mention several points of her interview, because everything she said seemed exciting. “Old times in SL were amazing. We had to learn basically everything, so discovering anything new was very rewarding. We had many technical obstacles to fight, we learned from each other, we discussed SL design a lot, we shared knowledge with each other” she said, “For most of us these were precious times and remembering them, the beginnings, the basics, the people, and the whole way we went through to be where we are – makes us all better designers. Every moment spent on this ‘time travel’ is very special and heart-warming”. Her store is a mix and match of many styles, a combination of vintage and modern, romantic and boho, kawaii and elegant. She tries to make each item unique and she puts a lot of love into making them, a lot of attention to little details. I finish her part by sharing with you all great advice she gives: To all the new and aspiring designers of SL: do not fall into the trap of being an unfriendly distant competitive designer. It’s all much easier if you are open and friendly to other people. Hugs for you lovely Ayumi!

Now I am going to write about one of my favourites skin designers: Apple May. She also designs beautiful clothing and accessories. I have had the pleasure of working making advertising pictures for her store, and it has been a real pleasure! She said: “Seems like a new store is opening every day but it all started with those who made such a big impression on the fashion community and I personally think it’s a great idea to pay tribute to them. They opened the door for creativity outside of the box and inspired Second Life to be what it is today”. So no doubt you are one of those who opened that door, because you are designing for nearly 6 years! I am glad you are here Apple! Big kiss!

“Be nice… Gives your life an incredible peace. Don’t bother with bad feelings”. Absolutely true dear Melina Fetuccio! Owner of Fly Lily! Poses  and an awesome blog that everybody know called SL Extravaganza which was born three years ago, where about 50 bloggers collaborate (thanks for including me in this great team full of talent!). This blog has appeared often at the top of the most popular blogs in a SL Blog Portal site, so from here I give you my sincere congratulations! You’re a wonderful person! I just need to tell you that we have a long way to go, and many things to do together! A hug full of love for you!

And here is Siddean Munro! SLink, her store, was established in early 2007 and is becoming one of Second Life’s top fashion brands. She is the creative force behind SLink and you will often find her hard at work in her studio. SLink caters to everyday fashion for women, from clothes and shoes to hair and beautiful handpainted skins. And of course, I must mention the wonderful mesh feet and hands! She is awesome at 3d modelling, I am sure you all agree with me! Thank you very much for joining this little project dear Siddean!

“Still in love with SL”

How beautiful words! It is so nice to know that someone that is in this world for a very long time has that feeling. And when I say “very long time” I am not exaggerating. Mimikri Hot Couture was born 6 years ago, and nowadays it keeps being one of the most popular stores of SL. No doubt Mimikri Kit deserves an applause for her hard work since she is one of the people who started all this. She is exceptionally effective, a standard of good taste, considering the consistency of her designs, always focusing on the essential features.

Now is the turn of a blogger I admire. Not just for the quality of her pictures and her good taste but also for their inner beauty. Thanks to this project, I had the good fortune to meet this person and I realized I was missing someone wonderful in my SL! “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud” was the quote chosen by Lila Quander, whose blog “Demented Diva” delights us in every page with beautiful outfits, delicacy and style. She thinks that “If it were not for all these established and very talented designers, SL fashion would not be what it is today. Highly original and ingenious thinking, mixed with the ability to constantly reinvent oneself, have made such designers the best on the grid”. Beautiful words lovely Lila! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your blog for almost three years!

Let’s talk about our next star with a quote from Ania OhMai (whom I miss in this tribute): “Gyorgyna Larnia is the mistress of accessories”. Everybody know her store, LaGyo, where we can find contemporary, luxurious jewels and accessories. A great designer foremost elegant, whom we have great admiration. A revolutionary and fresh woman. She puts all her effort and dedication to what she does, and I say this properly because my eyes have seen it. I have been able to see how professional she is, as well as perfectionist. And of course, I can not conclude her part of the tribute without saying that she is a beautiful person. A big hug for you dear Gyo!

“Follow my fashion”

Of course I follow it, dear Gia Pawpad! And not only me, but many more people! She takes three years creating hair for all tastes, you already know where: LoQ Hair. Designs with a very distinct style to which she puts all her effort since several years ago. She thinks it is nice to make public awareness for the respect that some of the best designers of SL deserve. I agree with you lovely Gia, and I had no doubt that you must be here among them.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”

Perhaps this is why your skins are true elegance, from the feet to the head. Who does not have a skin from Glam Affair in their inventory? You all know who I’m talking about: the stunning Aida Ewing. From far away we know if someone is wearing a skin from Glam Affair. For five years she works hard in her skins by getting they are of the highest quality that we can find in SL. She thinks that lately SL is becoming a very confusing place and it is a good point to give the focus to those who spend hours to create an item,  pouring patience, perseverance and love in what they do. A great pleasure to have you here beautiful Aida!

“A girl should be two things:classy and fabulous” is the quote chosen for one of the most veteran bloggers around SL. Blogging since 2007, Nadja Baxter is definitely one of the pioneers from fashion blog advertising. It is a great pleasure to have you here. I’m excited to see that there are people who have been doing this for so long. Nowadays, everyone claims to be blogger. I think being blogger is being Nadja. Thanks for joining this tribute and for your kindness. It is a great honor for me as a blogger I am.

“Fashion changes, but style endures”

I totally agree. Having a life style is not just about dressing well. A stylish person inspires others and makes them enjoy life a little more. Learn to face life, find the illusion every day. She feels it is important to look back to know and be sure where you’re going. Mokatana Boa is blogging for a couple of years in her “Moka’s Way“, and her impeccable taste and elegance characterize her from feet to head. I take this opportunity to thank you for your support in my team!

“Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go”

I bet a few years ago, you trusted yourself, you chose a path by which you walked, and it took you where you had to go. The lovely Izzie Button began designing three years ago, and as a result we can now enjoy a fabulous store called Izzie’s. As long term content creator, she says that without positive feedback/kind words from customers and of course sales she wouldn’t have moved on with creating, it’s the best way of recognition that you can get. I have had the pleasure of meeting Izzie in a somewhat deeper, and I must say that she is such a lovely girl, always attentive to her customers and friends. Big hug for you my friend!

“I think we find true happiness when we learn to accept that we’re not always capable of pleasing everyone, no matter how hard we try”

She thinks that the key in making your SL a success is to find what it is that makes you smile the most and stick with it. The lovely Kaelyn Alecto is blogging for 2 years and a half on Sweet Sexy Crazy as well as in her Flickr stream, where we can see that is a very active person. She always comments on the photos of others. She supports and encourages them, which is one of the things I really appreciate about her. Her photos are full of sweetness and make you feel very nice sentiments. Thank you for opening your doors and letting us enjoy your beautiful imagination.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

I’ve had the opportunity of choosing the quote for Claire Messenger and Nuria Augapfel, owners of NCore. The reason for my choice is simple: I have the pleasure of meeting Nuria quite well, and she is one of the best people I’ve met here. Kindness is the first attribute that came to my mind when I thought of her. For about 4 years they delight us with their handmade and original items. Undoubtedly, I’m talking about one of the best shoe stores throughout SL. Keep up the amazing work you both do!

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it” said Fhara. “We have art in order not to die of the truth” said Vliet. They love to mix elegance and modernity, it’s like make in Second Life what they would like to wear in Real Life. They are Fhara Acacia and Vliet Troncon, two stunning designers that founded a store called Ricielli on December 19, 2009, many years ago! Their hard work, makes Ricielli improve over time, becoming one of the best places to go shopping in SL. I still remember what was the first piece I bought at this store (R.icielli – CLARISSA highwaistjeans /leopardjeans). I still use these jeans! They give us the option to choose from a wide and attractive range of colors in their clothes, realistic, modern, well-made and easy to combine. Ricielli is a great mix of styles: casual, modern, classic, sexy, casual, elegant, daring. Our meeting was fun! I could catch them a few days ago (thank goodness!) and we were able to take the photos and prepare everything in a very limited time! Thank you very much for your time, you both are a truly wonderful artists!

Now I will talk about two talented people, to whom I took the photos at the last minute! Time was running out and I could work with them at the last moment, before closing the period of participation in this tribute. “Feminine, eclectic, vintage, modern”. She is Brutus Martinek, queen of makeup. She is the owner of Pididdle and although she also makes clothing and accessories, I have to say that her makeup captivated me from the first minute. Brutus thinks it is very interesting and important to reflect back on the older brands of SL, to see who has been committed to their work and their customers. She has been creating since 2007, and opened Pididdle in 2008. Almost 6 years and I hope she will be here for many more years! And now let’s talk about a photoshop artist called Miaa Rebane. Yes, I know that you know who is her! We can find awesome pictures at her Flickr stream and blog. She works hard, even we could see a picture taken by her on Second Life homepage! The fusion of classic and modern, the great edition of her photographs, and her contributions to various magazines are some of the many things that make her special and enough reasons for her to have a place here. Do not give up your wonderful work dear!

“In a love-hate relationship with fashion”

We are visiting since 6 years ago a store called Crazy. At the beginning she had a much more extreme look and she showed that in her creations. Now she prefers a more realistic image, maybe sexiest. That’s how Loan Jogiches defines herself. She also thinks that sometimes designers have a distant attitude, just because they are so focus on their work and they forget to share with people their thoughts and motivations. That is very nice of you dear Loan, and I’m sure that each designer thinks like you. I must say that Loan is one of the most authentic people that I’ve met here, and a busy bee! Oh! She is able to cook baked rice (typical food of our country), answering an interview, and posing for me to take a picture at the same time. Hmm… well: The sausages became coal.

“I love you all”

This is what this lovely lady said in our interview. We love you too! Always so careful with your bloggers and customers. I am talking about Lilo Glom, JeSyLiLO owner. We all know these lovely skins characterized by an unmistakable sweetness. She began designing 3 years ago, and she is very grateful to the designers and bloggers for their hard work, because from her point of view, they are the future of Second Life. And yes, no doubt you are part of that future dear Lilo. Thank you so much for being always so nice with all of us!

“Your body is the harp of the soul and it’s up to you to draw sweet music or confused sounds”

Her store is 38 months old. 38 months of very hard work, perfection and continued success. We are facing a goddess of the skins. Everyone has been there. I’m sure that at least once you’ve had a skin from Al Vulo. And yes, I am talking about Hlin Bluebird. Fighting against all odds, taking her arms against possible troubles, her store continues being one of the most popular skins stores in all SL. She is always ready for action, and she always will be.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

Eclectic Wingtips has chosen an amazing quote by Pablo Picasso. As you know, she is the owner of e! Eclectic Apparel, a store that has been around for almost 5 years. In our short interview she said that remembering where we have come from, our origins, is important. “I am not sure that I am personally worthy, but I am flattered that you thought of me” she told me. You’re here from the beginning, you are part of our origins, of course I thought of you my dear Eclectic. She also wants to thank CrashOIV Uladstron. They began collaborating almost a year ago. She is the other side to e! and deserves just as much recognition.

Time to talk about “The New Age Fashion Stylist”, Justyna Magne. I love her! She is one of the very few bloggers able to publish more than a post per day LOL! In our brief interview she said some things, which I’m sure that when some people read it, will think: “she is absolutely right”. She sees the difference between people who work on their blog with passion, and people who want to grab stuff for free. Some people came up with the idea of ​​creating a blog and have free stuff. But blogging is not that way. Blogging is not about dressing up any thing. This is supposed to be advertising of a product according to the style. Teach readers how to dress and looking good! I totally agree Justyna dear, I think blogging is art, and we should not allow it to devalue as much as it is doing. It is a real pleasure to have you here. Hugs for you beautiful lady! Beside her is ZlatanBLK Djannovic, Balkanik owner. His store has about 2 years old, and there we can find urban style clothing, and I must say (from my point of view) the best sneakers in SL! Everything that we can buy there are original and exclusive designs. Thank you for being part of this! And now, please stand up to greet the wonderful designers… Emilie Freund & Reda Bertolucci! “Freedom creativity” is how they define Not So Bad, a store that opened five years ago with home designs, all stunning, with a quality and reality hard to beat. Some time ago they began also with fashion designs, both for men and women, which since the first moment we loved. I want to thank from here for your time and kindness. I was very happy when I knew you wanted to participate in this!

“Never let someone tell you how to dress”

Many people follow her Flickr stream and blog. This does not surprise me. I’m sure you know this name: Eden Murfin. Oh, yeah! I can hear your applause from here! Eden inspires us from her Garden of Eden every day. Since 2010 we have this great blogger on the grill spreading to everyone her passion for fashion. She thinks that nowadays blogging on SL is being really different from the beginning, so she asks: where’s the point now? Good question Eden, very good question.

“I’m ready for the next step” was the sentence chosen by the super talented Sunami Beck, owner of Emery store. Emery was born in 2007, and since then, no doubt that is one of the best stores in SL. She is one of the designers most humble, modest and simple that I’ve met here, and if we add to this the quality of their garments, Emery becomes an irresistible place to go. Glam Rock 80’s & Street Style Clothing is what we can find there. Thousands of colors, textures and patterns from which to choose. Keep up the good work Sun! Is a real pleasure to have you here! Big kiss for you!

“Simple and refined style” is how she defined her store. She wonders if she is a veteran. Of course you are! Who does not know COCO? Cocoro Lemon is a designer since 2008, and she delights us with elegant, tasteful, artful and subtle products. One of the first people that came to my mind when I made the list of people for this tribute was her. COCO is a true classic for shopping! Thank you very much for your kindness and your time dear Cocoro, and for providing us such quality items!

And last but not least, I have the pleasure to talk about my best friends in SL. These four wonderful people have helped me through difficult times in my real life, have made me feel happy, and have felt my tears from far away, many miles away. They have become as real as anyone around me in my real life, even they have become more real than some of them. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I love you, to thank you for becoming inseparable friends. Because you have no idea of the great support that you have been and you are to me. I do not know if the contact we have will abide forever, or if someday we will stop talking. Whatever happens, I will always remember you with great affection.

” Amat Curam Victoria”

Kenneth Uxlay (my little Ken) is blogging for 3 years. Now he works in his own blog called Capital HIM, but he started in another blog (now closed) called I Love my Avatar. I have no doubt that he is one of the best men’s fashion bloggers, and one of the most stylish. “Strangers can become inseparable” he said in our interview, and I totally agree with him. You were a stranger for me, and now I can’t spend a day without speaking with you. I love you very much Ken! Or, as we use to say kidding (in spanish) “ámote, venérote”.

“If I know it’s you, and you know it’s me, who will know who am I when you are not here?”

My lovely XxMistixX Melody started blogging in 2010, also participating in I Love my Avatar with Ken. She said: “I am in Second Life since 2007, and I’m excited by the thought of that many people have continued to this day and have not lost the illusion nor the taste for work on what they like”. Now she works on her own blog, full of taste and awesome pictures, called Fashion Freak SL. You do not know how glad I am to have you in my life. Thanks for being so authentic and real. I love you very much Mistu! “Ámote, venérote”.

“Having style depends on each one. This has nothing to do with fashion”

I have never met a nicer person than you. You do not have one iota of malice. You are one of the best friends that I have, both in my RL and my SL. She is Dana Adasia, blogger for over two years. I’ve had great moments with her doing photo shoots in our beginnings, when we both had more free time and fewer obligations. Nevertheless the illusion continues, and that is why she is still working on her blog. A few weeks ago she opened a store called Stetik, she needed a change. Since are already many years here, she needed to broaden her horizons. I encourage you to it! Do not ever forget that I love you. Soon we will meet. Very soon.

“We will exist as long as someone reminds us”

So my lovely Sang Blackthorne (my “mini”), you always will exist because I will always remember you. She is blogger for over three years, and she is also the reason why I started to use real money to buy clothes in SL. I still remember that day I checked her blog, and I decided to start buying clothes when I was still a newbie. Her work is reflected in Upsss, her blog. We have spent great moments together, and I am enormously grateful for letting me be part of your life. You’ll always be my “mini”! I love you so much Mini-Sangu!


And here I end up with this little detail to honor all those who started this wonderful and exciting tale of fashion and art in Second Life. I miss many people here, many names of talented people who are also part of that group. To all of them: SL comunity is also grateful for your effort and dedication.
I feel lucky to be part of this secret world, and have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people. It’s lovely to know that we are all united, each of us living in a different part of the real world, huge variety of cultures, all full of harmony with different ethnic traditions, religious and ideological. This is.. GREAT, dear friends.
And I conclude with a personal reflection. SL has been part of my life these past few years, has filled many gaps in my life at certain times in my personal life. SL has been a place where I have been able to push myself to become someone better, both as a person and in terms of my work here. I struggled to get goals, to improve on what I do, and this has given me a personal satisfaction not less important (though different) to the satisfaction you can get from real life. I want to thank all the photographers and bloggers who inspire me every day, all the designers who give me their support, all the friends that have opened the doors of their soul, and of course all the lovely readers of my blog and customers of my small shop. Without you this would not be possible. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoyed this trip to the past of SL. Thanks to all for your effort and time, and a big kiss to all those who are not here but also deserve a place in this…

Tribute to the Origin

English is not my native language, please excuse any shortcomings of writing


23 thoughts on “Tribute to the Origin.

  1. You are just more than perfect ! I already said my sincearest comments on your flickr and plurk offcourse , just needed to say- mi amiga wapa , vamos a hacer MAGIC hahah 🙂 Eres divina por hacer esto y me encanta tu coazon mas y mas cada dia ! Nunca dejas de ser como eres ahora !
    It has been a wonderful experiance knowing yu , being in this project , invited was an honor for me and thank you for the first happy tears of new SL year ! Love you !

    1. My lovely Melina! I had no doubt that you deserved a place here… first because your inner beauty, and of course because of your hard work! Thank you very much for your beautiful words my dear friend… we have a long way to go!!!! I love you!!!!!! <33333

  2. What a fantastic blog post and tribute! I loved reading it and learning about some of my favorite SL designers and bloggers, some of whom I’ve never met but have been in awe of for quite a long time. These faces, and so many more, have helped shape the course of SL fashion in so many ways. You made me smile today.

    1. Thank you dear Linda, I am very happy you enjoyed reading this. It has been a great experience to know more about some familiar names! You also made ​​me smile today with your comment =) ❤

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