Hello everyone! (◕ᴥ◕) Here I am with a touch of fantasy for this beautiful Sunday (´౪`) Lots of cute new releases! I take this opportunity to remind you that today is the last day of the promotion 50% OFF available in Label Motion. Click HERE to learn more! I wish you all a wonderful day!(๑・౩・๑)… More LOTD✿Feb.28


Hello my dear readers ( *’ω’* ) First of all, remember that there is a new subscriber gift at Label Motion, so if you didn’t get it teleport now to the main store! And here I am again with a new post, using two of my favourite colours, blue & gray! I hope you like… More LOTD✿Feb.23

✿ Livalle ✿

Hello friends! (::^ω^::) I took this pic with my friend Linds featuring her new amazing shoes ♡ {Livalle} Chyna -Lace up Platform Boot ♡ Please visit my Flickr (direct link to this pic HERE) to learn more about our outfits or to ask anything about the style (・ω・*)☆ Hugs!  ❤ Click on the image for a larger view❤ Follow me… More ✿ Livalle ✿


Hello my dear readers! (๑・‿・๑) I’ve been a bit busy in RL and I’ve only had time to work on my store, my apologies for it! Fortunately here I am again with a new post which I hope you like (・ω・*) Thanks to all who follow my blog for your patience, a big hug and… More LOTD✿Feb.13