Hello everyone! (◍•ᴗ•◍) I’ve been missing due to RL work during July, and now I’m on vacation for the whole month of August, travelling very often. I really appreciate your patience and understanding. I published this picture on Flickr some weeks ago but I couldn’t add the style info due to lack of time, so here … More LOTD✿ …

✿ BRB ✿

This is an important notice to all my friends, readers and sponsors. I’ve been so busy at work (RL) that I don’t even have had time to write this notice before. My deepest apologies. It has been impossible to me to log in SL during the last month, so sadly I haven’t been able to … More ✿ BRB ✿


Hello everyone! ♡ I’m currently very busy in my real life due to work, that’s why I’m not being able to work on my blog more often (⌣_⌣”) I am a teacher, it is the end of the course, and my life is a mess… I spend my days preparing reports and evaluations of my … More LOTD✿June.07


Hello again my dear friends (๑•̆૩•̆) As those who follow me for some time know, I never make posts wearing elegant outfits. I’m just not good at it! That’s why I almost never wear dresses in my posts. But I felt in love with the dresses you see below, so I decided to wear them with a … More LOTD✿May.24