♥ About Me

My name is Anne Dakun, and I am a resident of Second Life since 2010 (´◔౪◔)It was then when I created my blog “Suicide Cabinet”, my main hobby. I really enjoy working on new outfits combining the amazing items from lots of wonderful designers letting my imagination run free, exploring places to use for my backgrounds, or creating them myself (*^-^*)

I’m also the owner of a pose-store called Label Motion which I hope some day you visit! (๑・‿・๑)

If you visit this link you will be redirected to Suicide Cabinet @ Tumblr. If you visit this link you will be redirected to The Second Cabinet, a blog that I used years ago from time to time to post random outfits without the obligation of using review copies (just for fun!). And last but not least, if you visit this link you will be redirected to WWWG – We Want We Got, a blog in which I work together with my friends Misti and Adriana.

I also love visiting my favourite blogs whenever I have free time. There are plenty of stunning bloggers who inspire me with their amazing posts! (◕‿◕✿) Same with Flickr, where I discover new talents almost every day!

You can send me review copies after reading my policy.

If you want to contact me choose the option you like best!

 Send me a notecard in-world, even if I am online I insist on a notecard! That way I will be able to read you and reply as soon as I have some quiet time. My IMs get capped!
 Send me a private message via Flickr.
 My full name in-world: anne Dakun.

I love you all ♥ and I really appreciate your support during all these years. Without you this wouldn’t be possible! Thank you!