<3 Hello and thank you for your interest <3

When I started working on my blog, I had more time. But now I also have other obligations and occupations.
Therefore, it is impossible for me to publish everything I receive, and I’m forced to discard some of them.

I just hope that you understand that…

✿ I do not post items that I wouldn’t wear for my personal use. I just do not know how to combine garments that are not my style, sorry for that.

✿ Please send me NC, my IMs are capped.

✿ Sometimes I don’t show the SLurl of some items because they are not official reviews. If this happens, you can leave a comment and I will provide you the information you need. Normally I only add the SLurl of new releases. This is because I use a lot of items in each outfit.

✿ My blog is NOT an obligation: it is a devotion. It’s my hobby, my main fun in Second Life. So please, if you do not agree with what you just read, do NOT send me anything. You do not have the obligation to send me anything: if you do it, is because you want (๑・‿・๑)

Finally, I want to thank all the designers who give me their support, as well as those who show interest in my blog.

I Love you all (◕‿◕✿)

Anne Dakun <3