✿ Label Motion is back ✿

Label Motion has reopened its doors with a fresh style! (::^ω^::) You are all invited (teleport HERE) to see the results. Now there are different spaces: single poses for women and men, free packs and lucky letter boards, gacha machines, couple & group poses, outlet, promo packs with discounts and much more! I have a lovely friend who has been working even more than me on the reopening of my … More ✿ Label Motion is back ✿


✿ brb ✿

So today’s post is an RL pic that a friend of mine took me last week. We were on the beach, enjoying the very little free time that I am having lately. I am really busy RL working in 2 different schools, trying to go to the gym and spending time with my friends & … More ✿ brb ✿

✿Bye 2016✿

Another year that ends, another year with you (✿╹◡╹) I want to thank all those designers who have trusted me sponsoring my blog, as well as all those who read it: you all make possible these moments of disconnection from the real world. In today’s post you can see a small piece of each of … More ✿Bye 2016✿