Lots of news @ Label Motion <3

Hello my friends! Lots of news today :D First, there is a new release at Label Motion mainstore. It is called Dolly, and this pack includes 6 static poses, 6 dolls with pose, 6 dolls without pose, pose hud, pose stand & tiny versions of all the dolls to carry in your hand. I hope you like! <3 Teleport HERE to Label Motion to try de DEMO or to make them yours! 


Secondly, a new pack of pose modifiers is available too! Here you can take a look at the new pack and the old ones. Now every pack is for sale with a lower price. I hope you like! :) Teleport to Label Motion HERE and learn how to use the modifiers HERE.


And last but not least, some packs of poses have been moved to the Outlet corridor for sale with a lower price. Click HERE to teleport to Label Motion! Also some poses has been moved to the artistic corridor, please check Label Motion Blog for more INFO :)

The Dressing Room #52

Hello again! :) This is what you can find in the new round of The Dressing Room: Ami Poses with a special price, and Soulmates pose with a discounted price. I hope you like! <3 Teleport to The Dressing Room HERE


High resolution, Details & Style info @ We want We got Blog <3